Beautiful sea and coral island, Miyakojima (Miyako Island) in Okinawa

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 Miyakojima is an island that belongs to Okinawa Prefecture, plants that are peculiar to subtropics such as mangrove and banyan mulk grow abundantly, nature is spreading, such as the shining sea that intertwines the gradation that is beautiful from the beach to the offing.
|Recommended beach introduction 
●Aragusuku Beach

Located in the southeastern part of Miyakojima, "Shinshui (Arauguu) coast" is a popular beach representing Miyakojima! A coral reef spreading up to about 500 m offshore creates a natural breakwater, and a shallow water spreads inside the inlief surrounded by the breakwater and is very calm. Recommended for families with children.
Because you can see many fish in the clear ocean, it is the ideal beach for sea kayaking and snorkeling. There are times when buoys that become markers are floating at the point where popular clown fish fish are floating, making it easier for beginners to find. If you are lucky you can meet flocks of green turtles and fish!
In order to enjoy snorkeling comfortably, it is a coast where there are also changing rooms, toilets, shops and many repeaters.
●Yonaha Maehama Beach

Yonaha Maehama Beach is a beautiful area where the contrast between white sand beach and blue ocean is beautiful enough to be said as "Oriental white sand beach". It features a long beach of about 7 km in length that lasts from Tokyu Resort Hotel front to near Maehama Port. Because it is a shallow and calm sea, it is also recommended for families with children! It is easy to go by car from Miyako Airport by car in about 15 minutes and you can also wish for the Kamata Ohashi Bridge in the surrounding area.

And, surprisingly at this beach is a pure white powder sand! It is said that coral reefs stone in this sea crumbled into sand and turned white white beaches. As it is finely sandy sand, the place where you can walk with confidence in barefoot is attractive.
●Yoshino Beach

The Yoshino Coast is a popular snorkeling point on the east side of Miyakojima, next to the Shinsho Coast. It is characterized by coral reefs approaching just the edge of the beach, and you can see it as soon as you enter the ocean. The water depth on the coral reef is about 1 m, so even beginners can swim easily.
There are many kinds of corals, there are abundant kinds of fish living there. Even in all of Okinawa, the beach where such tropical fish gathers is unusual. In the shallow and calm sea, the coral will dry up at low tide, so when you snorkel it is recommended when high tide!
It is one of the pleasures of this beach to see the fish that swim there, as the tidal pool that the coral called Ino is dried becomes like a natural pool. Please peek at discovering Innow.
●Sunayama Beach

Among the many beaches in Miyakojima, we want to go there "Sunayama beach". As the name suggests, there is a sandy mountain made of sand, and when you cross over there, you will see a magnificent view in front of you. White sand of fine grainy smooth sara is spreading, and it is also possible to meet the way the coconuts walk slowly.
Not to mention the beautiful sea, of course, the famous caves on the left side of the beach and the natural arches made by the uplift of coral reefs over long years must be missed! However, the erosion of the cave is progressing, so let's take a break before watching the local guide.
When you go to sunset time you can wish for sunset from between the rocks, so it is a recommended spot for a trip with a couple.

Located on the north side of Miyakojima, Ikejima is connected to Miyakojima by a bridge (Ikejima). It is about 30 minutes by boat from Ikemajima "Yae dune (Yazeji)" called the phantom continent ". It is also very popular as a snorkeling spot.

Why is called "the phantom continent" because it is usually in the sea. It is only during high and low tide at low tide from spring to summer that you can meet the vast coral reef group during the day. It is about 6.5 kilometers east and west, 17 kilometers north and south, and it looks just like a continent.


The vast Yae dune has about 100 large and small coral reefs (leaves), each with a name. Where to go around the tour depends on the tides and wind direction of the day. Snorkeling tour of Yae dune departing from Ikemajima will take a look at the tide conditions of the day from a variety of snorkeling points.




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